My generator was not working and the dealer recommended a couple of kits to prevent the problem in the future. He came quickly ordered the kits. He was back to install when the kits arrived. Very happy about the service.
West Chazy, NY


Thanks for sending the generator maintenance proposal. I’ve decided that I will wait until next fall to have the full maintenance done. The power went out at the end of January for about 3 hours (love my generator) so with that and the 10 minutes weekly that it runs, we will have reach our 8 hours for the first oil change soon. I figured you could do it sometime when you are in the area.
Sue M.
Plattsburgh, NY


We had the crew from Nehemiah Construction Management install our 8 kw propane fired back up generator & automatic switch gear. All the guys were clean and helpful. Even the electrical inspector commented on the professional and impressive workmanship. Hands down the best choice we could have made for both a generator and an installer. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a backup generator.
Jay, NY

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